Changes and trends impacting Canadian costs and supply

Tuesday, September 29, 2020 | 1:30pm - 2:30pm EDT


This webcast will bring together food producers and experts to discuss the accessibility and cost of food in Canada. Throughout the pandemic, industries such as agriculture and livestock production have faced disruption and higher operating costs. At the same time, an economic downturn has created food insecurity for many Canadians. Join this event to be part of an expert discussion on long-term solutions for food affordability and access in Canada.

Discussion points:

- What is expected to happen with food prices in Canada, and what factors are impacting affordability?

- How has the pandemic impacted food security and how is the situation expected to evolve?

- How are Canadians viewing and valuing local producers in light of recent events?

- What actions and supports will help ensure an affordable supply of quality food throughout Canada?

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The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity is a national charity with a clearly defined mission to help Canada’s food system earn trust through our mandate of coordinating research, resources, dialogue, and training. Our members and partners represent the diversity of Canada’s food system — from farmers, ranchers, foodies and food companies to universities, non-governmental organizations, restaurants, retailers and food processors. As CCFI gains traction in Canada, the opportunities for collaboration among industry partners, stakeholders, members, and consumers continues to grow.

CCFI is leading the way in spreading the message of the importance of public trust and ensuring Canadian consumers have balanced information they need about their food, to make informed choices that are right for them and their families. This is key for the future of Canada’s food system – to ensure Canadians feel better informed about their food and that our food system collaborates towards a common purpose of food security.






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