The Apprenticeship Infrastructure Audit

Bally Bhogal, Managing Director, LX Group

THURSDAY, 8 OCTOBER 2020 | 10:00 Am - 11:00 Am



The Apprenticeship Infrastructure Audit

Have gaps opened up in your business infrastructure that may expose you to risk? Covid will have caused some of the plates to shift - some obvious, others not. Stress testing the infrastructure early to identify any fragilities that could lead to failure is advisable.

Apprenticeship training providers operate within a thick cloud of government guidance, legislation and expectations. The lack of understanding around the colossal set of requirements is, at worst, detrimental to the functioning of the business; at best, manageable. This was the case even pre-Covid, but it is even more critical now given the post pandemic after-shocks. So, how do you ensure that you have the full infrastructure in place in order to deliver apprenticeships, deliver your vision and adhere to the rules?

In this webinar we will explore how to start developing robust apprenticeship training infrastructures using ‘tried and tested methodologies’ which have accumulated over many years in apprenticeship training sector.



This webinar will help delegates to:

  • Understand how and where gaps emerge in apprenticeship training infrastructures
  • Explore the impact of weaknesses on an apprenticeship training business and ‘cause-effect’ relationships
  • Identify early-warning indicators and actions to prevent derailment
  • Understand where many apprenticeship training providers go wrong and the key reasons for this

Target Audience


This webinar is applicable to all types of apprenticeship training providers, including:

  • Independent Training Providers
  • Employer Providers
  • Employers
  • FE Colleges
  • Group Training Associations
  • Local Authority providers
  • Third sector providers

This webinar is designed for delegates with the following job titles:

  • Senior Leaders

  • Governors

  • Apprenticeship Managers

  • Quality Assurers

  • Contract Managers