Learning Objectives

Main Objectives

Promoting and sharing knowledge to reduce human and societal toll from neurodegenerative and inflammatory disorders, cancer and infectious diseases.

Advancing understanding of the stress impact of chronic infectious diseases on metabolic, biomic, hormonal, and neurochemical communication networks.

Advancing understanding of the fundamental impact of nutrition on energy utilization, inflammation and metabolism, and its impact on chronic degenerative diseases.

Advancing understanding of the impact of oral pathology, sleep disorders and airway disorders, on immune and repair systems and its impact on chronic degenerative diseases.

Enhancing care of adults with Alzheimer’s Disease, and other neurodegenerative disorders, based on sound clinical and scientific evidence.

Delivering state-of-the-art preventive medicine and dental strategies to reduce the future burden of chronic disease.


Sub Objectives

Understanding the physiology of sleep, and how poor sleep patterns impact on neural repair, hormonal function and circadian rhythms.

Reviewing preventive medicine and dental protocols for optimization of nutrition, sleep, cardiovascular and neurological health.

Understanding the epidemiology, impact and therapeutic options for patients with chronic Lyme disease.

Enhancing care of patients with exposure to toxic mold based on sound clinical and scientific evidence.

Understanding the physiology of exercise on how maintenance of exercise throughout life has a positive impact on overall health, aging and healthspan.




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