In an increasingly diverse and informed world, patients are demanding customized healthcare that addresses the root cause of their illness. How can you meet their demands and provide the best possible care? Simply put: Collaboration. This year experience more education and Collaboration through the virtual meeting with a 30 day pass.  Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from the best and engage with industry-leading companies highlighting new tools and resources to practice in these unprecedented COVID-19 times.

Now in their 5th meeting, ACAM and AAPMD uniquely demonstrate how medicine & dentistry can collaborate in both assessment & treatment of patients using the most advanced methods to give you the edge you need to provide optimal care and stand out from the competition.

Consider extending your education with a pre-conference workshop! See all the details HERE.


Our thanks to the Bell Harbor Conference Center and Hotels for the ability to defer to 2021. We look forward to coming to your exceptional property and appreciate the partnership.

Virtual Features


  • Exhibitors will still be available through the event and you can schedule one-on-one video sessions with them.
  •   The lectures will start on Thursday at 3pm and will feature MedTalks.
  • Don’t forget about the pre-conference optional workshops! Check out the workshop page for more information.
  • Stay connected with attendees through chat, Q&A after each session, lounges, committee meetings and fun evening events!
  • All attendees have access for 30 days, so you can watch all lectures and not just one out of five of the symposiums or topical reviews.
  • You can still expand your network and knowledge!
  • No travel means money saved and more time to learn, work and spend time with your family.




Our Featured Speakers

We strive to bring you speakers that are not only leaders and pioneers in integrative medicine, but invaluable teachers and professionals that can provide you with the knowledge to change your practice and the inspiration to change the face of healthcare.

Daniel Amen, MD
Brain Disorder Specialist
Director of Amen Clinics

Daniel Amen Bio

Derek Lam, MD, MPH
Aerodigestive Disorders

Derek Lam Bio




"I love that there are MD's, RN's, DO's and whomever else there. I love the interprofessional conference. It builds interprofessional literacy amongst
each other.”
"The cutting-edge speakers and open-minded curricula of the event. There was a genuine spirit of collaboration and cooperation and a mind toward taking on the really big health issues of our time, together.”
“I liked the vast array of expert speakers, the opportunity to meet providers from other disciplines, and the interesting exhibitors.”
"Mind boggling topics!"




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