What is Collaboration Cures?

Welcome to Collaboration Cures - a meeting that has become a movement!
An ever-growing body of evidence supports the belief that the epidemic of chronic diseases has common origins. A WHO paper on multi-morbidities states "Long-term disorders are the main challenge facing health-care systems worldwide, but health systems are largely configured for individual diseases, rather than multi-morbidity." In an increasingly diverse and informed world, patients are recognizing this disparity and demanding customized healthcare that addresses the root cause of their illness.
How can you meet their demands and provide the best possible care? Simply put: Collaboration.

No one physician, no one discipline and no one philosophy can provide optimal outcomes in today's healthcare landscape. Our meeting is all about "connecting the dots" and providing innovative ways to learn and practice. Now in their 5th meeting, ACAM and AAPMD uniquely demonstrate how medicine & dentistry can collaborate in both assessment & treatment of patients using the most advanced methods to give you the edge you need to provide optimal patient care and stand out from the competition.

We offer tracks for all learner levels, including our fundamentals course, the Integrative Medicine Academy. Bring your whole team and revolutionize your practice for the better!



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