Driving Efficiencies & Costs Savings in Trenchless New Pipeline Installations

SEPTEMBER 22nd,  2020 |  2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST



Trenchless technologies, such as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and Micro-tunnelling, have provided cost-saving opportunities and solutions for new pipeline construction. The minimal surface disturbances offer significant financial, environmental, and social advantages. Yet more cost savings can be achieved in trenchless projects! Innovative tools and procedures, such as telematics, slurry management technologies, project management software, and utility mapping solutions can drive efficiencies and reduce out of pocket expenses on every phase of the trenchless projects.   

The first presentation will be the " Driving job site efficiencies through better data " by Cory Mass from Vermeer. The second presentation will be the " Effective drilling fluid and slurry management options " by Brandon Wagner from Vermeer, and the third presentation will be the “Effectively Mapping Utility Locates” by Brock Kingston from Cansel. 

Who should attend?

Anyone involved or interested in the construction of underground infrastructure projects, including the municipal engineers, technicians, consultants, contractors, suppliers should attend this webinar. Attendees will learn from leading industry experts on state-of-the art technologies, processes and practices to improve efficiencies and reduce the costs of trenchless construction projects. .


What's included?

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Cory Mass, Sales Manager - Intelligent Worksite Solutions, Vermeer Corporation 

Cory Mass joined Vermeer Corporation in 2007 and has had a focus in utility installation products for much of his time with Vermeer.  Cory has been involved with designing and developing equipment as well as leading design teams in design of new products and enhancement of existing products.  He is currently leading the commercialization efforts for Vermeer productivity tools as the Sales Manager for Intelligent Worksite Solutions, fulfilling the Vermeer promise to provide a real impact on productivity and profit for their customers.   


Brandon Wagner, Application Specialist, Utility Infrastructure, Vermeer Corporation 

Brandon Wagner has been in the Underground industry for close to a decade. Brandon has been a part of jobsite planning and execution with the use of HDD and Utility tractor applications in locations all across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Mexico.


Brock Kingston - GIS & Mapping Business, Cansel 

Brock Kingston works in the GIS & Mapping Business at Cansel, a company with a clear focus on helping organizations collect, measure, analyze, design and build a better Canada. Standing on the leading edge of Mapping and GIS/GPS Data Collection Technologies, Brock’s background and interests point directly to GIS, GPS and business process analysis.  His enthusiasm is very contagious and he’s always up for discussing ideas on how to improve business workflow processes around GIS/GPS field data collection.  For Brock, it’s all about helping organizations succeed from field to finish! 



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