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   RI Digital: Japan 2020

   Designing the sustainable ‘new normal’ | October 28th - 29th 


The revision of the Japan stewardship code in early 2020 reinforced the responsibility of investors to be long term navigators of corporate value creation. And yet, almost before the ink was dry, the COVID crisis posed big challenges to the code’s signatories. The scale of the pandemic’s impact on the global economy has seen the IMF warn of a serious global recession and prompted the Bank of Japan to purchase a record amount of ETFs to sustain the country’s stock prices.

The pandemic seems to have created even greater determination among policymakers to enact sustainability regulations, and there’s a growing sense that such legislation will be welcomed by mainstream financial institutions. The renewed European Sustainable Finance Strategy, expected to come to fruition this autumn, is likely to set the global standard for sustainable finance.

All banks, pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers and policymakers are required to navigate through this turbulent time with an acute awareness of the rapidly developing trends. 

RI Digital: Japan 2020 will provide a platform for Japanese investors to keep abreast of these globally important discussions. From big questions such as the state of play in ESG to practical questions on stewardship, diversity, corporate resilience, and decarbonization, the participants will discuss the key themes which urgently require reconsideration to envision the recovery and to shape a sustainable new normal. 

Join online on 28th and 29th October, and participate in the discussion by raising questions. 

RI Digital: Japan 2020 is a free and open event for all investment professionals to learn and explore potential opportunities for the next decade. 

Main conference themes include:

  • A course of recovery and changing ESG landscape
  • Execution of stewardship duty by asset owners and asset managers
  • Corporate resilience, positive workplace, diversity and inclusion
  • The practical side of zero emissions and a low carbon transition
  • Global harmonisation of sustainable finance
  • Levelling up sustainable risk disclosure

Please note that most sessions will be broadcast in Japanese, and will not be translated into English. You can check what language each session will be broadcast in on the agenda page.