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How can I watch the Americas and Europe Virtual Convention?
Watch and create an account for our USANA Live 2020 Americas and Europe Virtual Convention at USANA.Brand.Live
What is the cost to upgrade to a VIP Access pass?
You can upgrade to a VIP Access pass for only US $19.95. All VIP Access pass sales go directly to the USANA Foundation.
How do I register for the Americas and Europe Virtual Convention?
To register for the Americas and Europe Virtual Convention, visit the Event Registration page located on The Hub and select “New Registration.” 
Is there a deadline to register for the Americas and Europe Virtual Convention? 
No, there is no deadline. You can register to attend any AEVC 2020 session up until the close of the final “live” session on August 15 that begins at 1:30 p.m. MDT. 


Can I upgrade from General Access registration to a VIP Access pass?
Yes! Simply go to Event Registration on The Hub, and select “Modify Registration,” then “Continue.” Go back to the category page by selecting “Welcome” in the navigation bar. Change your selection from “General Access” to “VIP Access” and “Continue.”  A VIP Access pass is US $19.95. You can upgrade at any time during the event; please allow a minimum of 10 minutes for the system to refresh your access. You will need to refresh your browser, as well. 
What additional benefits does a VIP Access pass give me?
With a VIP Access pass you’ll have access to the following: VIP Forum and Q&A Session with USANA CEO Kevin Guest; Master class and Q&A with Kindra Hall; Athlete Q&A with USANA CCO Dan Macuga; VIP Forum and Q&A with Dr. Mehmet Oz; New foods plant virtual tour; VIP morning workout with the USANA Foundation; Exclusive giveaways; Extended access to all Convention videos on demand for 30 days; and more!
Can I cancel my registration?
Yes. You can cancel your registration (either General Access or VIP Access) until August 12, 2020 by contacting customer service. 
Can I get a refund for my cancelled VIP Access registration?
No. VIP registration is nonrefundable. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the USANA Foundation. 
Can I transfer my registration?
Yes. You can transfer your registration (either General Access or VIP Access) until August 12, 2020 by contacting customer service. 
How do I access the live stream?
You will receive an email on August 7 with instructions on how to view the live stream.
Can I share my live stream access?
No. Only one log in per registration is allowed to view the live stream.

Can I stream from my mobile device?

Yes. You can stream from your mobile device. You’ll need access to either a cellular network with a strong 4G or LTE signal, or a Wi-Fi connection with at least 2 Mbps. Check your mobile plan to make sure you have enough available capacity, or you may be charged additional fees by your cellular service provider.


What do I do if the event has started but I can’t see the play button?

If the video does not start automatically or if the play button doesn’t appear, refresh your browser screen. If this doesn’t work, close your browser (not just the tab), and restart your browser.


What do I do if the event has started but I can’t hear anything?

Please check your computer sound. Does the sound icon on the bottom right of your computer screen have an ‘x’ beside it? If so, uncheck the sound icon and turn the volume up.


What are some troubleshooting steps I can take if I’m experiencing issues during the event?

• Be sure your computer’s sound is unmuted.

• Turn your computer volume up and make sure the speakers are connected.

• The sound level is located on the lower left corner of the video player. Make sure this is turned all the way up.

• If you’re using headphones, make sure they are securely plugged into your computer. Test the sound level by removing your headphones and turning the volume up on your computer.

• If you’re using Bluetooth headphones, make sure your computer’s Bluetooth is turned on and connected to your headphones.

• Access your system preferences to make sure your audio output is selected to speakers or headphones. If that doesn’t work, refresh your browser.


What do I do if I can see the event, but the video is not playing?

The video area should show a triangle-shaped play button when the event is live. The word “LIVE” should also show in the upper right corner of the video player. Click the play button to start the live (or recorded) video. Note that before the day of the event, there’s a countdown timer to indicate the time before the event starts.


What should I do if the video is buffering or skipping?

You’ll need to reduce your video quality.

• Step 1: Hover your mouse over the bottom left of the video player and click on the ‘HD’ logo in the bottom right corner.

• Step 2: Change the default setting from auto to 480p. What are some troubleshooting steps I can take if I’m experiencing video issues during the event?

• Click on the play icon in the middle of the video screen.

• Try another browser on your computer (Chrome or Firefox).

• Try accessing from another device: computer, tablet, or phone.

• Connect to a different network, like a mobile hotspot.

• Refresh your browser. If you have tried all of the steps above and still struggling to see the video

content, please contact customer support at customerservice@usanainc.com.


Will closed captioning be available during the live sessions and prerecorded videos?

Yes. Closed captioning will be available in English only for you to select during all the live sessions and prerecorded videos. All prerecorded videos and live sessions will have closed captioning and English subtitles.


What time zone will I be viewing all sessions?

All sessions are stated in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).



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