FEFPA Sponsorship 2021/2022  



  FEFPA Sponsorship 2021 / 2022  


All Exhibit Spaces have been sold out!

You can still be a Bronze Sponsor buy contacting Angie Wing @ 813-600-7322


Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor! As you know, in order to be an exhibitor at our

Summer Conference, you must be a sponsor. There are several levels of sponsorship depending on what your interest is.

Our sponsorship starts in July 2021 and technically ends shortly after the Winter 2022 conference. However, since we had to postpone the 2020 Summer Confernece, we gave our existing sponsors the choice of winter 2021 or Winter 2022.  If you selected Winter 2021, then your sponsorship covered the Winter 2021 Conference and the upcoming Summer 2021 Conference.

The only level of sponsorship that does not include an exhibit space is the Bronze level. As you may

notice both Exhibitor and Bronze are the same price. The Exhibitor level includes advertising for both the Summer and Winter Conferences and a booth space at the Summer Conference.

 The Bronze level does not have an exhibit space at the Summer Conference but does gets advertising for both

 the summer and winter conferences. Although our Winter Conference does not have an exhibit hall, we feature an

 Architectural Showcase during the conference. Also, exhibit space is assigned by first come, first served (based on date of payment)  the sooner

 you sign up and pay for your sponsorship, the sooner you get to choose your space. Due to long range conference

 planning considerations, fees are NON - REFUNDABLE. If you have any additional questions about 

sponsorship, please call our registrar. Angie Wing at 813-600-7322,

email at registration@fefpa.org or sponsor reprepresentative Melanie Cornell at mcornell@hksinc.com, 407-648-9956. 


When starting the registration, please use the name and email of the person

who will be making the decisions on booth selection and would be the main contact person

for your company. This is not where the people who will be attending the 

conference register. That is done just a few months prior to the conference.