Preliminary Schedule - Tuesday, October 20

All Times Are Eastern Time (EDT)


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9:00AM - 10:30AM

S 16: Radiation-induced DNA damage
Speakers: R. Scott Williams, Yinsheng Wang, David Becker
Chair: Jason Parsons


S 17: Biodosimetry
Speakers:  Vel Murugan, Yumiko Suto, Ruth Wilkins, Evan Pannkuk
Chairs: Christophe Badie, Shanaz Ghandhi


S 18: Molecular radiotherapy
Speakers: Robert Hobbs, Wesley Bolch, Charles Maitz, Ling He
Chairs: Rebecca Abergel, Julie Constanzo


S 19: 2nd Bill Morgan Memorial Symposium: Low dose biology, epidemiology, its integration & implications for radiation protection: an update
Speakers: Gayle Woloschak, Mark Little, Vinita Chauhan
Chairs: Nobuyuki Hamada, Evagelia Laiakis

S 20: NTT Effects (II): genetics/ prediction
Speakers: Chris Talbot, Sarah Kerns, Sylvain Costes
Chairs: Catharine West, Carmen Bergom


10:30AM - 11:30AM

The Inaugural Herman D. Suit, MD, DPhil Legacy Plenary Lecture: Tech developments in RT - MR guided RT
Speaker: Uwe Oelfke
Chair: Harald Paganetti


11:30AM - 11:45AM

Virtual Break


11:45AM - 12:30PM

TR 11: High dose rate radiation physics and chemistry (of water)
Speaker: Jay LaVerne
Chair: Amitava Adhikary


TR 12: NASA HRP space radiation element panel
Speakers: Robin Elgart, Janice Zawaski, Brock Sishc, Gregory Nelson
Chairs: Robin Elgart, Brock Sishc 


TR 13: The emerging role of long and short non-coding RNAs in radiation research
Speaker: Molykutty Aryankalayil


TR 14: Dosimetry harmonisation
Speaker: Guy Garty
Chair: Xun Jia


TR 15: Canine translational models for radiation research
Speaker: Mary-Keara Boss
Chair: Mark Dewhirst


12:30PM - 1:30PM

Lunch: Virtual Poster Stroll & Exhibitor Appointments


1:30PM - 3:00PM

S 21: DNA repair (III): Complex DNA damage repair
Speakers: Joseph Loparo, Jason Parsons, Burkhard Jakob, Lisa Decotret
Chairs: Aaron Goodarzi, Gaorav Gupta

S 23: NTT effects (II) - Chemical mitigators of NTT developed under the NIAID medical countermeasures program
Speakers: Tracy Gasperetti, Gabor Tigyi, Heather Himburg, Li Wang
Chairs: Meetha Medhora, Christie Orschell


S 24: Epidemiology (II) - Computational phantoms for epidemiological studies
Speakers: David Borrego, Choonik Lee, Trung Tran, A. Iulian Apostoaei
Chairs: Wesley Bolch, Lydia Wilson


S 25: Intracellular signalling
Speakers: Amrita Cheema, Soile Tapio, Sherina Malkani, Liyun Chen
Chairs: Janet Baulch, Anthony Davis


3:00PM - 3:15PM

Virtual Break


3:15PM - 3:40PM

Marie Curie Award Lecture: Co-clinical trial of a mouse model of soft tissue sarcoma suggests a beneficial outcome of adding an anti-PD1 antibody to the standard of care regimen of radiation followed by surgical resection
Speaker: Rutulkumar Patel
Chair: Susan Bailey


3:40PM - 4:30PM

Michael Fry Award Lecture: Some recent implementations of mathematical models in radiation biology and oncology
Speaker: Igor Shuryak
Chair: Susan Bailey


4:30PM - 5:30PM 

Plenary 3: DNA damage regulation of gene expression
Speaker: Cynthia Burrows
Chair: George Don Jones