Mentors are seasoned marketers who are well-versed in Effie's framework for marketing effectiveness.  For the program, they have a dual role as Mentor & Assessor.   

Mentor Role

  • Provide one-on-one mentorship to 1-2 Bootcamp participants. 
  • Support mentee with their case project, providing meaningful feedback. 
  • A minimum of three sessions(30-45 mins each) with mentee, in-person or virtually. The first two sessions should focus on the case project. The last session should focus on career development or a topic of choice. 

Assessor Role

  • Evaluate a minimum of three case projects through scoring and pass/fail recommendations
  • Provide feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the project.


Ann Rubin

VP, Corporate Marketing, IBM
"This is a great program for the next generation of marketing leaders - it enables them to partner with a seasoned executive to think strategically about their business. The program is more than learning how to best fill out an Effie application - that is just the tool - the program forces the participant to simply and clearly lay out key elements of the marketing strategy in the most impactful way possible."