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At EPIC, we realize the profound impact that teachers have in the lives of children. That's why we are committed to investing in our future by providing a superior credentialing program just for teachers, where we provide curriculum and learning tools that are a blend of theory and practice. Our faculty are current practitioners working in the field and understand first hand the unique experience of working in the field of Special Education.

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Credential Pathways

Preliminary Education Specialist →  Accelerated Pathway→ Clear Induction

Credential Specializations

Early Childhood Special Education ⚬ Mild Moderate ⚬ Moderate Severe

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Informational Session Facilitators

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MAK Kegelmeyer 

Assistant Director of EPP
  • EPP Faculty 
  • Former SPED & General Ed Teacher & SPED & General Ed Principal


Phone: 408-453-4256
Email: mkegelmeyer@sccoe.org



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Kalpana Thatte

Program Coordinator & Student Adviser
  • EPP Faculty
  • Former elementary school teacher
  • E1A1 Administrator

Phone: 408-453-4259
Email: kthatte@sccoe.org


EPIC Facilitators

Our facilitators are educators themselves and can provide you with the most relevant information regarding becoming a SPED teacher in todays changing educational field.


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Tuition Free

Preliminary Education Specialist

$17,050 without the grant

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Accelerated Pathway

$10,450 without the grant

Tuition Free* 

Clear Induction

$9,000 without the grant

*SPED Induction only


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