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What is Summer Academies LITE?

The Summer Academies LITE program is a modified version of our in-person Summer Academies in the Arts that focuses on college admissions preparation and professional development opportunities for advanced high school and transfer students in a virtual learning environment.


How much is it to participate?

It is FREE to participate, however space is extremely limited to ensure students receive excellent, focused instruction in this unique virtual space.

What age range is this program geared for?

The Summer Academies LITE is designed to support students who are in high school as of Fall 2020.  It can also be beneficial for current college students interested in transferring to UCI as an arts major, or in honing their skills as they prepare for their career path.

I have not studied or been trained in the arts, but love it is this program right for me?

We love that you love the arts, but unfortunately, this program will not be beneficial for you as it is designed to support advanced arts students who are seriously considering pursuing the arts as part of their college and/or career path.  

Can international students participate?

Yes!  The beauty of virtual learning is that we are able to expand our reach to a global audience, and students can receive instruction from wherever they are.  Therefore, we accept any student local or not  who is able to participate live and can commit for the full duration of the course.  Non-local students who are considering our program should consider any time differences and that all sessions are taught in English.

I am a middle school student who is very interested in participating can I participate?

No, unfortunately, we only accept students who will be in high school or beyond as of Fall 2020.

Do you offer college credit for participating in the program?

No, we do not offer college credit for participating in this program.

I completed my registration what happens now?

After completing your registration online, you should have received an email confirming your registration with general Academy information.  Another email will not be sent until one week prior to your course, including more detailed logistics, expectations, and other pertinent information.  It is an extremely chaotic and busy time for us as we organize this new virtual program and shift to remote work, so we appreciate your patience as we prepare for your participation. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Participation in Summer Academies LITE is extremely limited.  Please inform us should you need to cancel as soon as possible, so that the spot may be filled by another student.  All cancellations must be made in writing to



If I am only interested in some of the sessions or am not available for certain times, can I just participate in those?

No.  The program is structured in a sequential way for students to learn and apply gained knowledge and skills as they progress through the week.  We expect all students to be present and engaged in all sessions.

Who teaches the courses?

Our instructors are high-level graduate students, alumni in the industry, and esteemed faculty that are affiliated with Claire Trevor School of the Arts at UC Irvine.

What technology requirements are needed to participate in the program? 

Students will need a reliable internet connection and access to an electronic device that is quipped with a video camera and microphone.  Laptops, tablets, and smart phones are all acceptable devices for use.

For internet connectivity resources available to students, visit the UCI TechPrep's website.

What platforms will students be utilizing for learning? 

All course sessions will be hosted on Zoom, however, some specific sessions may introduce students to other programs as part of the curriculum.  More information on how to navigate Zoom, including class links and other digital platforms needed, will be shared after registering. 



What measures are in place to ensure security and access in online learning environments?

All sessions, both group and individual, are attended and monitored by Summer Academies LITE staff, who are the only ones in control of Zoom settings and permissions.  Class links will not be shared until the day prior, including specific instructions for login.  All class material is reviewed by the Summer Academies LITE staff ahead of time.  Further measures are implemented as recommended by UCI's TechPrep "How to Secure a Zoom Meeting"

Additionally, all instructors have been trained in youth protection and online safety, with extensive policies in place to maintain the safety of all participants.  Refer to the Student Manual for more information.

Will sessions be recorded?

No.  For the safety and privacy of our participants, sessions will not be recorded.  Students may not self-record or livestream any program content for any reason.  Copies of all class materials will be emalied at the end of each day, however, we do expect students to take their own notes just as they would for any other online class.  Refer to the Student Manual for additional information.



What steps have been taken to create an accessible virtual learning environment?

We are working to ensure all sessions and class content are closed captioned and follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).  We are also intentionally creating curriculum that considers limitations in digital resources, physical space, and access so that all our students may have an equitable learning experience.  Refer to the Student Manual for more information on steps we are taking to create an accessible and inclusive learning environment.

I have specific accommodations and accessibility needs who can I contact about this?

We are committed to reducing as many barriers to participation for all our students, and will do our best to accommodate any additional needs. Please contact us at to further discuss your specific needs.




If you have any additional questions that were not answered here, in our Student Handbook, or on the specific course pages, please email us at

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This year have been difficult for all of us in many ways.  The arts have been hit particularly hard because so much of the work we do requires physical closeness and interaction.  While our traditional summer program on the UCI campus has been cancelled this year to prioritize the health and safety of our participants, instructors, and staff, we still need to support our community of artists.

For that reason, we are excited to offer the Summer Academies LITE program.  It provides advanced young artists the tools they will need as they prepare applications and audition material for college and career pursuits.  It also provides much needed employment for our team of instructors ⎼ practicing artists themselves ⎼ who have seen their commissions, gigs, and contracts cancelled.

If you are able, please consider making a gift of any amount to support the Summer Academies LITE program.  Your contribution will make a significant impact by supporting the artists who make it possible.

Summer Academies Instructor