28th Annual Conference of the 

6-10 July 2020 - Technical Conference
11-12 July 2020 - Summer School for PhD Students

This is the premier conference on Lean Construction. It is hosted annually by the International Group for Lean Construction (iglc.net), a network of researchers and industry professionals around the world who are involved in advancing the theory and developing the practices of Lean Construction.




Join us at our Annual Conference, this year for the first time hosted 'in the cloud.'

The themes of the Conference are:

  • Contract and Cost Management
  • Enabling Lean with Information Technology
  • Last Planner® System
  • Lean and BIM
  • Lean Theory
  • Learning and Teaching Lean
  • People, Culture, and Change
  • Product Development and Design Management
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Production System Design
  • Safety, Quality, and Green-Lean
  • Supply Chain Management and Off-Site Construction

Meet like-minded people. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about and sharpen your Lean thinking.

We will have great conversations, engage in a rich exchange of ideas, and have fun. 

Get feedback on the paper you have submitted, in a double-blind peer review process.

    Each accepted paper will:

    All accepted papers will be made available online, open access:

    • included in the IGLC28 Conference Proceedings edited by the Technical Conference Chairs

    All presentations will be pre-recorded by the presenters and we will organize them in sessions available for viewing online during the conference. If and how to make them available after the conference remains to be determined.


    The technical conference this year will be spread out over 5 days (not condensed in 2.5 days as we have done in the past) and the timing of presentations will vary as we try to take into account everyone being in different time zones. Presenters should plan to be available during the entire week of 6-10 July 2020 so that they can participate in a question-and-answer session (at a time yet TBD) about their presentation.

    We are developing the conference schedule at this time. Look for updates on this website around mid-June when we will have papers in hand and authors/presenters have registered to participate in the conference.

    Since we are in uncharted territory this year, we are rethinking how to run the conference. In a Lean fashion, we will aim to structure it using one-piece flow, avoiding parallel sessions as much as we can so that participants will be able to attend most if not all sessions of their interest. We have yet to figure out how we will handle sessions in small "bursts" with perhaps 100+ participants on zoom, but in a nutshell, here is roughly what we have in mind for a typical session: 

    • Sessions will comprise 4-5 papers, each one presented in 10 minutes.
    • Authors will pre-record their 10 minute presentation, so conference participants can view them in advance (at a time convenient for them, asynchronously) and submit questions to the session moderator in advance of the live session.
    • At the scheduled IGLC28 Conference time, the session moderator and presenters will convene in zoom, to address live the Q&A and discuss session-specific topics raised by any participants who zoom in at that time. This session "burst" is expected to last about 20-30 minutes.
    • The schedule will then have a break for 30-60 minutes until the next session "burst" takes place.

    In addition to typical sessions, we may also have some longer presentations and possible some Lean game rooms :) 

    Our plan for organizing these is as follows:

    • Once we know exactly how many papers we have, we will put together sessions.
    • We will advise authors whether their presentation will be 10 minutes (like papers presented in a session) or 25 minutes long (like papers presented in a plenary session).
    • We will provide authors with a powerpoint template so they can prepare their presentation accordingly.
    • Authors will pre-record their presentation and then send us their .mp4 file and .ppt file. 
    • We will develop a schedule of discussion sessions and post papers, presentations, and powerpoints online at least 24 hours prior to those sessions for viewing by registered participants. 




    Thais Alves
    Glenn Ballard
    Frode Drevland
    Fidelis Emuze
    Farook Hamzeh
    Vicente Gonzalez
    Lauri Koskela
    Ola Laedre
    Olli Seppanen
    Min Liu
    Zofia Rybkowski
    Daniela Viana

    Iris D. Tommelein

    Director, Project Production Systems Laboratory
    Engineering and Project Management Program
    Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
    University of California, Berkeley, USA

    Senior Lecturer
    Construction Management
    Course Leader MSc Offsite Housing Construction
    School Architecture and Built Environment
    University of Wolverhampton, UK


    Details on the summer school will be provided on a separate page. 

    James Smith

    Assistant Professor
    Construction and Facilities Management Program
    Brigham Young University
    Provo, Utah, USA

    Clarissa Biotto

    Civil Engineering Department
    Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar)


    Clouds above Berkeley, CA. (c) Image by Iris D. Tommelein, April 2020.

    Clouds above Berkeley, CA. (c) Photo by Iris D. Tommelein, April 2020. 

    Berkeley, California

    We hosted the 7th Annual Conference of the IGLC in 1999 in Berkeley, California.

    The 28th Annual Conference this year is special!  It will be the first time that our group meets online. Participants will be meeting colleagues and speaking with authors in virtual meeting rooms, hosted on ZOOM. 



    Participants should choose one of the following options and can take advantage of the early bird rate if they register before Friday 5 June 2020:

    1. Author Presenting a Paper:  $200 early bird, $250 thereafter
    2. Professional / Author NOT Presenting a Paper: $200 early bird, $250 thereafter
    3. Student (full time) Participating in Conference: $50 early bird, $80 thereafter
    4. Summer School Student (not participating in conference itself): $0 - free but you need to be invited! Details will be posted on the Summer School page. 
    5. Conference Organizer

    Recognizing that registration fees may still prevent students and some professionals from participating, the IGLC28 organizers will gladly accept the support from benefactors. Contributions may be made via the registration website, using one of two categories:

    1. Scholarship Donor: suggested amounts $50, $100, $250
    2. Conference Sponsor: suggested amounts $500 (Bronze), $1,000 (Silver), $2,500 (Gold), $5,000 (Platinum)

    These options are further explained on the registration page.


    31 May 2020: Each author who will present a paper must have duly registered.

    At least one author of every paper must register at full cost to present their work and participate in the conference. One author can at most present two papers. 

    To register for this event or to modify a current registration, please follow the links on this website. The email address of the attendee is needed to register. You will be able to print a payment receipt upon completion of your registration. 

    Authors must have uploaded on the CMT site:

    1. the camera-ready copy of their paper(s) and
    2. the corresponding copyright release form(s)

    15 June 2020: Presenters must have submitted the file with their Powerpoint presentation on the CMT site

    22 June 2020: Presenters must have submitted

    1. a video recording of their presentation (.mp4 file) (how to submit it will be clarified later) and
    2. a release form to allow us to post the video online during the conference and in perpetuity



    TECHNICAL CONFERENCE - 6-10 July 2020 hosted on Zoom

      he schedule outlined here will be fleshed out in June, once we know who all wil be presenting papers and on what topics. We will try to create one-piece flow = no parallel sessions! This timing of each session wil be a bit of a trick because speakers around the world will be in different time zones. 

      Monday 6 July 2020

      IGLC28 Opening Welcome Reception, BYOB - time TBD
      Sequential Sessions - time TBD

      Tuesday 7 July 2020

      Sequential Sessions - time TBD

      Wednesday 8 July 2020

      Sequential Sessions - time TBD

      Thursday 9 July 2020

      Sequential Sessions - time TBD
      10 AM PDT Business Meeting of the IGLC

      Sequential Sessions - time TBD

      Friday 10 July 2020

      Sequential Sessions - time TBD

      IGLC28 Conference Adjourns


      SUMMER SCHOOL FOR PhD STUDENTS - 11-12 July 2020 hosted on Zoom

      Saturday 11 July 2020

      Summer School for PhD Students - Day 1

      Sunday 12 July 2020

      Summer School for PhD Students - Day 2

      IGLC28 Summer School Adjourns




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