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A fundraiser’s resilience, health and well-being are often challenged due to the constant demands placed on them during campaigns and appeals. Working virtually or in the office, fundraisers may be routinely anxious, worried about change, experience high stress levels and search for ways to maintain positive relationships and remain motivated. Fundraisers must have the ability to handle change, high levels of emotional intelligence, and positive well-being to thrive in their job role. Using the latest positive psychology and neuroscience tools , FIA has joined with the Langley Group, leaders in positive leadership to support your ability to handle the demands of constant change, lead and manage your fundraising teams, understand a growth mind-set, and how to handle stress in raising revenue, securing donors, developing relationships.

We offer 90 minute online sessions facilitated by Langley Group Senior Consultant, Leanne Warner; a former CEO and Board Chair, who has founded and led some of Australia's leading charities, non-profit networks and leadership forums. Leanne is an inspiring and experienced leader and facilitator who is passionate about developing people and organisations.


Members and Staff of Organisational Members $55 per virtual session
Non-Members $70 per virtual session




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Thursday 11 June 2020

Thriving in Times of Change: A guide to surviving as a fundraiser

“The rate of change is not going to slow-down anytime soon. If anything, competition in most industries will probably speed up even more in the next few decades.” John Kotter

This quote from Kotter is 25 years old – and it is particularly apt now! The change we are encountering is unprecedented and fundraising organisations , teams and stakeholders will need to become more robust and agile to remain relevant. During uncertain times we need to harness our mindset to enable enhanced performance. As a revenue raiser, your change agility is a critical core competency for the new normal. The evolving field of neuroscience offers fascinating insights and strategies to help you to react more positively and to enable you and your teams to thrive during the unexpected and multi-dimensional challenges that lie ahead

The workshop explores:
Identify how people react to change using information grounded in neuroscience
Appreciate the importance of demonstrating agility as individuals and teams
Learn to manage the threat response in the brain during change, to maintain focus and clarity
Use the SCARF model as a framework for anticipating and modifying your emotional responses to change
Use the research from neuroscience to better understand how to get the best of ourselves and others during change
Identify strategies that develop the agility of your people to actively engage in change
Gain clarity on what we can control and what we can influence



Date: Thursday 11 June 2020

Time: 11:00am-12:30pm AEST

Meet the presenter




Leanne Warner
Senior Consultant & Facilitator, Langley Group

Leanne Warner is an inspiring and experienced leader and facilitator who is passionate about developing people and organisations.

A former CEO and Board Chair, Leanne has founded and led some of Australia's leading charities, non-profit networks and leadership forums. Her strategic leadership skills, stakeholder management experience, people orientation, and passion, add great value, especially during times of change. She enjoys a challenge, and brings great energy, commerciality and a growth-mindset approach to developing teams and coaching people.

Leanne has also worked in corporate sales environments quality systems and training manager roles, responsible for developing and accrediting leadership programs in the UK. Leanne has implemented organisational change, transformation, and strengths-based approaches that have delivered tangibly positive results in engagement, productivity, relationships and turnover. Past Chair and Board Member of Include a Charity, a social change organisation that boasted 140 charity members across Australia, she has founded a number of leadership forums, research alliances and working committees, and is currently a Hub Chair with the Non-profit Alliance, a peer-to-peer coaching hub for CEOs and executive team leaders.

She has a Masters in Management (majoring in Community Management) from University of Technology, Sydney, and a Bachelor of Education from University of Melbourne. She has completed the Sydney Leadership program with Social Leadership Australia and is currently studying a Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. She is accredited in Strengths Profile and MSCEIT (emotional intelligence).



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