29 April 2020  |  1:00pm AEST

6 May 2020    |  1:00pm AEST

13 May 2020  |  1:00pm AEST

20 May 2020  |  1:00pm AEST



About the Webinar

Are you a project manager or development manager realising that you need to know more about how technology is affecting design and construction?

Are you managing construction projects and needing more transparency and certainty?

Join us for this BILTx webinar series as we focus on the project management side of construction.

The agenda for the event aims to cover a range of topics of interest to those managing projects and cater for all levels of knowledge and understanding of BIM and technology. The sessions will cover:

1. Technology and the construction industry: an overall picture

2. Procurement of 'BIM services', including legal/commercial issues

3. Case studies, lessons learnt and client perspectives

Why attend?

By attending the event, you will:

  1. Understand how technology is impacting the construction industry at a high level.
  2. Gain an appreciation of what to consider when procuring BIM services from consultants or contractors.
  3. Understand what value BIM offers to clients.
  4. Understand how clients and project management companies are implementing digital technologies and working with digital consultants.
  5. Be better equipped to respond to related demands on your future projects.

Join us for BILTx: Project Management

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Lucy Guerin, Associate Project Manager, ARUP

Wednesday 29 April  1:00pm AEST

Chicken or Egg: BIM Implementation and Procurement

One of the biggest challenges with the successful implementation of BIM on a project is applying the most suitable strategy and clearly defining each project team member’s scope including responsibilities and deliverables. Lucy will discuss how to identify and develop project specific strategies which can then be developed into the scope of works for each team member and their deliverables for the procurement of the whole project team.  As part of this Lucy will also discuss how to identify and mitigate the project and contractual risks in regard the implementation of BIM on the project.

Wednesday 6 May  1:00pm AEST

There and Back Again: The BIM Journey of one project over 7 years

The complexity of integrated different delivery teams which had over the course seven years; One PM, One Architect, Two Design teams, Two Builders, 1 BIM Consultant, 2 Construction BIM Managers. Why BIM?

Charles and David will look at the ongoing development of Clients BIM requirements from 2013 to the present. They will take you through the initial thoughts on what the client aimed to achieve and why they thought BIM was the solution, what was actually wanted versus what they needed.

Charles and David will provide an outline of the project and discuss the different stages and why and how the BIM requirements were able to evolve.  What were the challenges that the PM had to overcome at each step along the way? The clients drive and persistence in pushing for more as each stage was delivered has created an ongoing opportunity for this project. 


David Foley, Director Digital Delivery, IIMBE

Charles Penny, Managing Director, AREA3

Simon Vaux, Director Digital Engineering, Transport for NSW

Wednesday 13 May  1:00pm AEST

Digital Engineering in 2020: What you need to know

Digital Engineering isn't something that belongs to technical/production people. This session will help to better appreciate its impact and how to exploit the opportunities it presents - for Project Managers.

Wednesday 20 May  1:00pm AEST

Panel Discussion: How do we move forward?


Chris Needham, Aurecon

Lucy Guerin, ARUP

Simon Vaux, Transport for NSW

Charles Penny, AREA3

David Foley, IIMBE












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Join us for BILTx: Project Management

Hurry Limited Seats available!