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Poster # Title Authors
The Pancake Cornea Conundrum: A Contact Lens Fitting Case Report and Discussion
Kenneth Chung, OD
When to Fit in Scleral Contact Lenses: Infectious Crystalline Keratopathy after Corneal Cross-Linking
Suzanne Sherman, OD; Rabia Karani, MD, MPH; Daniel Trief, MD, MSc. 
Scleral Lenses Can Stabilize Visual Fluctuations in Post Radial Keratotomy Patients
Scott Samples
 Scleral Contact Lenses in the Pediatric Population - Indications and Outcomes
Boris Severinsky, OD
Profilometry Designed Free Form Scleral Lens Aids in Vaulting Over Large Corneal Elevation Difference
Stacy Zubkousky, OD
Modified Scleral Lens Edge Design for a Keratoconus Patient with Corneal Neovascularization and a Conjunctival Cyst
Vakishan Nadarajah, OD
Backtracking from Scleral Lenses: When Custom Soft Contact Lenses Get the Job Done
Priya Patel, OD
Orthokeratology in Adult Patients: Daytime Freedom
Priya Patel, OD
Anisometropic Refractive Amblyopia Managed with Gas Permeable Lens versus Soft Lens
Vakishan Nadarajah, OD; Jenna Williams, OD 
Corneal Complications with Scleral Lens Wear
Muriel Schornack, OD
Scleral Contact Lens Fit Over Band Keratopathy in Pediatric Aphakic
Meagan Miles, OD
Scleral Lens Fitting and Management in an Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy Patient
Justina Assaad, OD; Janet Garza, OD
How Often Should We Prescribe Toric Orthokeratology Lenses?
Randy Kojima; Trevor Kojima; Natasha Heavyside; Patrick Caroline; Matthew Lampa, OD; Mari Fijimoto, OD;
Beth Kinoshita, OD; Mark Andre  
High Against-the-Rule Corneal Toricity Fitted with Multifocal Bitoric Corneal RGP Lenses
Connie Chen, OD; Anna-Kaye Logan, OD
A Novel Topographical Analysis Software in Myopia Control
Randy Kojima; Michael Eldridge; Patrick Caroline; Matthew Lampa, OD; Beth Kinoshita, OD; Mark Andre;
Mari Fujimoto, OD; Alyssa Invergo, OD
Multidisciplinary Approach to Neurofibromatosis 2 Related Paralytic Lagophthalmos and Scleral Lens Wear
Stephanie Pisano, OD
Custom Soft Lenses for Pellucid Marginal Degeneration: A Case Report
Alyssa Invergo, OD; Mari Fujimoto, OD; Randy Kojima; Patrick Carline; Matthew Lampa, OD; Mark Andre; Beth Kinoshita, OD
Short-term and Long-term Challenges Associated with Inadequate Limbal Clearance in Scleral Lens Wear
Michael Wong, MS; Celia Gong, OD, MS
Case Series: Addressing Scleral Lens Discomfort with Corneo-Scleral Mapping
Linh Chieu, OD; David Libassi, OD; Eva Duchnowski, OD
Overnight Soft Contact Lens Orthokeratology on a Post-LASIK Patient
Mari Fujimoto, OD; Patrick Caroline; Matthew Lampa, OD; Randy Kojima; Beth Kinoshita, OD; Mark Andre;
Alyssa Invergo, OD
Treatment of Visually-Significant Epithelial Basement Membrane Dystrophy with Scleral Contact Lens vs. Superficial Keratectomy
Kristina Creadore, OD 
Scleral Contact Lenses Adding in the Treating of Aniridia
Evan Kaufman, OD
Contact Lens Fitting Considerations for a Patient with Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis
Valerie Lam, OD; Annie Chang, OD
A Scleral Lens as an Alternative to Tarsorrhaphy for Ocular Rehabilitation in a Toddler 
Amanda Dieu, OD; Derek Louie, MSc, OD;
Brooke Harkness, MS, OD
A Novel Method for Measuring and Constructing Displaced Multifocal Optics
Randy Kojima; Michael Eldridge; Partick Caroline;
Matthew Lampa, OD; Beth Kinoshita, OD; Mark Andre;
Mari Fujimoto, OD; Alyssa Invergo, OD
Decision-Making in a Gray Area: An Unexpected Soft Prosthetic Lens Fitting
Azinda Morrow, OD 
A Comparison of Previous vs. New Generation Topographer
Randy Kojima; Patrick Caroline; Steven Turpin, OD;
Mari Fujimoto, OD; Matthew Lampa, OD; Beth Kinoshita, OD; Mark Andre 
Scleral Lens Wettability with Biotrue® An In Vitro Pilot Study
Katherine Zhang, OD 
How Much Cornea Does a Corneal Topographer Really Measure?
Randy Kojima; Natasha Heavyside; Trevor Kojima;
Patrick Caroline; Matthew Lampa, OD; Beth Kinoshita, OD;
Mark Andre; Mari Fujimoto, OD; Alyssa Invergo, OD
Role of Optic Zone Diameter on Spherical Aberrations in Orthokeratology: A Pilot Study
Alyssa Invergo, OD ; Mari Fujimoto, OD; Randy Kojima;
Patrick Caroline; Matthew Lampa, OD; Mark Andre;
Beth Kinoshita, OD
Strategies for Visual Rehabilitation After Traumatic Flap Injury and Epithelial Ingrowth
Marissa Gomez, OD 
A Case of Gas Permeable Lenses Dampening Nystagmus and Improving Vision
Grace Tseng, OD; Michael Harris 
Scleral Contact Lens-Induced Recurrent Pingueculitis
Cori Jones, OD; Ryan Terry, OD 
Not Just SAG, a Theoretical Model to Compare the SAG of Soft Lenses
Reinier Stortelder, BOptom; Giancarlo Montani, OD;
Javier Rojas, OD 
Large Diameter Contact Lenses for Management of Blepharoptosis
Melanie Frogozo, OD
Optimizing Visual Function and Ocular Comfort with Scleral Lenses in Oculocutaneous Albinism
Rebecca Chung, OD 
Transformation from Monocular to Biocular to Binocular: Role of Specialty Contact Lenses as Stepping Stones to Binocularity
Suzy Chen, BS; Irene Frantzis, OD; Sharon Keh, OD
Scleral Lens + Restasis: A Novel Management of Vascularized Limbic Keratitis status-post Penetrating Keratoplasty
Suzy Chen, BS; Jessica Behringer, BS; Sharon Keh, OD
Moebius Syndrome – A Rare Neurological Condition Managed with Scleral Lenses
Elizabeth Escobedo, OD; Brianna Ryff, OD
Scleral Lenses for Chronic Graft-versus-Host Disease: A Case Report
Carol Chou, OD 
Scleral Lens Management of the Neurotrophic Cornea: A Case Series
Madison Moss, OD 
Use of Mini-Scleral Contact Lenses in Patients with High Hypermetropia
Cindy Shan, BSc; Keith Jefferies, OD 
A Case of Multiple Graft Failures Following Scleral Contact Lens Wear in a Keratoconic Eye
Rachel Amaral, BSc, OD; L. Prokopich, OD, MSc; N. Furtado, OD 
Corneal GP Re-Fit on a Post-Graft and Keratoconic Eye
Ryan Rutschilling, OD 
Managing Exposure Keratopathy Complications from Chronic Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia Surgery
Scott Gabreski, OD; Christopher Alferez, OD 
Scleral Lens Management of Exposure Keratitis Secondary to Facial Nerve Paralysis
Stephanie Tran, OD; Chantelle Mundy, OD 
Covering up the Black Hole:  Cosmesis, Visual Function, and Glare Control with Soft Prosthetic Lenses
Elizabeth Cho, OD; Dawn Lam, MS, OD
Nomograms to use with scleral profilometry
Reinier Stortelder, BOptom 
Monovision Scleral Lenses in a Presbyopic Patient with Symptomatic Aniseikonia
Noelle Bock, OD 
Considerations when Comparing Scleral Shape Differences
Reinier Stortelder, BOptom 
Optimizing Soft Lens Fitting:  Importance of Horizontal Visible Iris Diameter (HVID) Versus Corneal Curvature When Choosing a Best Fit Soft Contact Lens
Joselyn Dlouhy, OD; Jason Jedlicka, OD
Acanthamoeba Keratitis in a Scleral Lens Wearer
Abigail Strauss, OD; Ellen Shorter, OD; Elmer Tu, OD
Effect of Age on Scleral Lens Fitting Characteristics
Rachel Young, OD; Gloria Chiu, OD 
Losing Sleep Over a Scleral Lens: Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Scleral Lens Fogging
Liandra Jung, OD 
Steep Corneas and Severe Distance Blur? Step Away From the Minus.
Chawan Rasheed, OD 
Impact of a Novel Contact Lens on Maintaining the Native State of a Tear Film Protein
Catherine Scheuer, MSc; Vicki Barniak, BSc; Marjorie Rah, OD; Bill Reindel, OD, MSc 
Severe Ocular Surface Disease Propagated by Incomplete Blinking in a Patient with Lamellar Ichthyosis
Nitya Murthy, OD, MS
Evaluation of the Stability of Surface Water Characteristics of Contact Lenses Using Refractive Index Shifts after Wear of Daily Disposable Lenses
Robert Steffen, OD, MS; Jeffery Schafer, OD, MS; Gary Mosehauer, MS; Bill Reindel, OD, MS;
Katarzyna Wygladacz, PhD; Steven Seyboth, BS 
Second Re-emergence of Reis-Bücklers Corneal Dystrophy - Clinical and Histopathological Findings
Christina Kinate, OD; Jan Bergmanson, OD, PhD, PhD hc, Dsc 
Marfan’s Syndrome: A Multifocal Toric Contact Lens Correction for a Subluxated Lens
Crystal Victor, OD
Scleral Lens Management in Corneal Scarring resulting from Acanthamoeba Keratitis
Chantelle Mundy, OD 
When Keratoconus and Degenerative Myopia Collide
Irene Frantzis, OD; Sarah Zuckerman, OD 
Pupillary Plus and Spherical Aberration Following Orthokeratology
Randy Kojima; Patrick Caroline; Matthew Lampa, OD;
Beth Kinoshita, OD; Mark Andre; Mari Fujimoto, OD;
Alyssa Invergo, OD 
Scleral Contact Lens Considerations in a Keratoconic Patient with Glaucoma
Sydney Lin, OD; Andrea Janoff, OD 
HVID Measurements Utilizing Various Instrumentation
Jennifer Harthan, OD; William Skoog; Xiaohua Zhuang, PhD; Louise Sclafani, OD
Scleral Lens Management of Neurotrophic Keratitis and Corneal Scarring
Rebecca Chung, OD 
Extended Depth of Focus Hybrid Lens Improves Visual Function and Contrast Sensitivity in a Presbyopic Soft Contact Lens Wearer
Stacy Zubkousky, OD; Thuy-Lan Nguyen, OD; Crystal Victor, OD
The Beauty You See Inside, Reflected on the Outside: A Case of Pediatric Prosthetic Lens Fitting
Julie Song, BS; Joann Kang, MD; Kent Uehara, BS;
Sharon Keh, OD 
Radial Keratotomy: A Short-term Correction to a Long-Term Problem
Michelle Chung, OD 
Management After Intacs Extrusion
Beth Summers, OD, MS
Scleral Lenses for Management of Traumatic Corneal Scarring and Post-Lasik Ectasia
Jessica Jose, OD 
Corneal Sagitta as a Predictor of Final Scleral Contact Lens Sagitta
Daniel Fuller, OD; Kevan Smith, OD
Water Surface Daily Disposable Wear Experience in Previously Satisfied Contact Lens Wearers

Jennifer Fogt, OD, MS; Ryan Rutschilling; Abigail Menner;

Kim Weisenberger 

Tint, Print, or Paint: A soft prosthetic contact lens case series
Sydni Davis Farhat, OD; Florencia Yeh, OD 
Making an Impression
John Bascome, OD 
Antimicrobial Efficacy of Two Hydrogen Peroxide Lens Care  Products Against Bacteria, Yeast, Mold and Acanthamoeba with Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses
Manal Gabriel, DDS, PhD; Cindy McAnally; Paul Shannon
Clinical Evaluation of the Decentration in Different Designs of Scleral Lenses
Ana Privado Aroco, MSc; Alvaro Cuellar de Frutos, MSc; Mohammed Filali Baba Louartiti, MSc; Gonzalo Carracedo, PhD 
Profilometry The Future of Scleral Lens Fitting..... NOW #COVIDdriven
Brian Tompkins, FCOptom; Reinier Stortelder, BOptom 
Managing Ocular Graft vs Host Disease with
Scleral Lenses
Sabari Arcot; Melanie Frogozo, OD 
Say Good “Bi” to Toric Corneal Problems: A Bitoric Piggyback System for Correction of Highly Asymmetric Corneal Astigmatism Following DMEK
Julie Lin, BS; Sharon Keh, OD
Undiagnosed Limbal Stem Deficiency Contributes to Multiple Contact Lens Failures
Xiao Jing Xu; Eva Duchnowski, OD
Calculated Lens Versus Fitted Lens in Orthokeratology: Can the Changes be Predicted? 
Laura Batres, PhD; Maria Rodriguez-Lafora, Julia Bodas, Gonzalo Carracedo 
Peripheral Refraction, Topographic Profile and Aberrations of Six Hydrophilic Contact Lenses for Myopia Control 
Julia Bodas Romero, OD, MSc; Wael Almalki; Mhamed Ouzzani; Laura Batres; Jaume Paune; Gonzalo Carracedo
A Healthy Post-Graft with a Unique
Scleral Lens Design
Barry Leonard, OD; Reinier Stortelder, BOptom 
Efficacy and Safety of Two Peroxide-Based Lens Care Solutions in Wearers of Gas-Permeable Contact Lenses
Sruthi Srinivasan, PhD. BSOptom; Manoj Venkiteshwar
Challenges in Custom Soft Lens Fitting and Spectacle Selection in a Case of Degenerative Myopia
Xue Mei, OD; Chad Rosen, OD, MBA; Josh Lotoczky, OD
Co-Management in Scleral Lens Fitting for Complex Corneal Graft Profiles
Grace Liao, OD; Brianna Ryff, OD; Elizabeth Escobedo, OD; Robert Fintelmann, MD
New Clinical Evidence Through 5 Years: NaturalVue Multifocal for Myopia Management
Douglas Benoit, OD; Sally Dillehay, OD, EdD
The Effect of Scleral Lens Wear on Optic Disc Perfusion Measured by Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography
Kent Nguyen, OD; Jae Lee, BA; Grace Richter, MD, MPH;
Gloria Chiu, OD
Case Report: Management of Complications Following DALK in Previous Successful Scleral Lens Wearer
Boris Wong, OD; Lacey Haines, BSc, OD
Hybrid Contact Lenses - A Novel Solution to Limbal Compromise
Melody Kordnaij, BS; Shannon Robinson, BS; Sharon Keh, OD
Case Report: Bulbar Epithelial Hypertrophy and Other Complications Induced by Scleral Lens Haptic Misalignment
Lacey Haines, BSc, OD
Enhancing Visual Outcome by Implementing a Scleral Lens with Front Surface Eccentricity
Marissa Gomez, OD; Karen Carrasquillo, OD, PhD
ABB Optical Winner Utilizing a Cloud-Based Software Program to Enhance First Lens Fit Success for Ortho-K Lenses Cade Millikin,; Addison Merem; Maya Pollock;
Jason Jedlicka, OD
ABB Optical Winner Correlating Corneal Astigmatism and Meridional 8 mm Sagittal Height Difference for Use in Orthokeratology Lens Fitting Jonathan King, BS; Jason Jedlicka, OD
ABB Optical Winner Scleral Lens + Restasis: A Novel Management of Vascularized Limbal Keratitis status-post Penetrating Keratoplasty Suzy Chen, BS; Jessica Behringer, BS;
Sharon Keh, OD