Workshop Survey - English

Workshop Survey

1. Dear Participant, Thank you for attending Hemaya International Forum 2019, kindly take a few minutes to complete this survey. Your evaluation and feedback are very important for future planning. *
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Registration Process
Availability of Car Parking
General Organization
Availability of Seats in the Hall
Distributed publications (Schedule, Official Catalogue, etc..)
Technical equipment (sound system, projectors, translation devices, computers)
Service during Breaks
Availability of Health Facilities
Availability of Prayer Rooms
Workshop Management
Length of Workshop
Workshop Speakers
Speakers Presentation Style
Relevance of workshop to your work environment
Timing of the workshop
Response to enquiries
2. How do you evaluate the exhibition? *
3. How did you hear about Hemaya International Forum? *
4. Academic Qualification *
5. How do you evaluate the organizers in terms of the following? *
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Staff familiarity with the forum’s activities
Response to enquiries
6. Any comments/suggestions which can help us to improve the conference and/or exhibition?