BILT Asia 2018 Feedback Survey

BILT Asia 2018 - Feedback Survey

Thank you for attending BILT Asia 2018! We hope your time at the conference was equally educational and enjoyable.

Your feedback is important to us. The following questions relate to the conference overall. All specific session related feedback remains in the BILT Asia conference app. 

It will take you approximately 5 minutes to complete the survey. Please do so by Friday 13 April to go into the draw to win an iPad mini. The winner will be contacted via email by Friday 20 April.
Please ensure you complete your contact details so that we can contact you if you win the prize. However if you wish to remain anonymous you may leave this section blank.
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As a speaker, did you agree with the structure of the speaker entitlements on offer? *
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How would you rate the Speaker submission portal, in terms of your abstract, handout and presentation submission? *
How could the speaker portal be improved?
How would you rate your conference experience on the below *
Conference overall
Location/ accessibility
Value for money
Session content
Conference venue
Facilities at the Marina Bay Sands - lecture rooms, lighting etc.
Conference catering
Exhibition area
Event app
Pocket program
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Wednesday Speaker Sponsor Function [ADRIFT]
Thursday Welcome Function, [Exhibition]
Friday Evening Function [Sentosa]
Saturday Casual Dinner [Khansama Tandoori Restaurant]
Please provide comments on the social functions:
How helpful and responsive were DBEI Events Staff during the registration process? *
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Online registration process
Speed of response from email enquirers
Friendliness of staff at registration desk
Do you have any suggestions to improve the overall registration process?
Please list any industry publications, journals, e-zines, forums or blog posts you subscribe to (that we should consider in our marketing):
Did you find the practical Labs valuable? *
How would you rate the organisation of the labs (1 being poorly and 5 being very well) *
How would you rate the organisation of the labs (1 being poorly and 5 being very well) *
Please provide any comments on the Labs:
Did you access the session handouts via the conference website prior to going onsite? *
Were they useful? *
Did you utilise the ‘Speaker’s Corner’ to meet with Speakers, post presentation?
Was this useful/ informative? *
Would you be interested in attending some shorter 35 minutes sessions?
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Would you be likely to attend DBEI Day, a 1 day conference in Singapore in April of 2019? *
Are you likely to attend BILT Asia 2020 in Singapore? *
Are you likely to attend future BILT events in other cities? *
What is your preference on conference day structure? *
Please describe why you are not likely to attend future events
Which three (3) things will you take away from the conference and implement in your company?
Which aspects of the conference did you enjoy the most?
Which aspects of the conference did you enjoy the least?
What content would you like to see at future conferences?
Are there any potential exhibitors you would like to see at future conferences?
Any other comments or ideas to help us improve our future events?