Dubai Anaesthesia 2016 Conference Evaluation for Delegates


Thank you for attending Dubai Anaesthesia 2016 Conference. Kindly take a couple of minutes to complete this survey. Your feedback is very important to us for future planning. You will be redirected to the CME page after completing the Survey.
1. How would you rate the quality of information and presentation of the Conference? *
2. How would you rate the quality of the Speakers? *
3. How beneficial were the Conference Sessions to you / your organisation? *
4. The program's objectives are clearly defined? *
5. The program met the stated objectives? *
6. Are you interested in participating at the next year's Dubai Anaesthesia? *
7. In general, how would you rate Dubai Anaesthesia 2016 Conference? *
8. What would you like to see in Dubai Anaesthesia 2017? *