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FRESH is looking for innovation, experimentation and change in the way we design the content side of meetings and events. The goal is to make meetings more effective by improving the learning, networking and motivation.
Are you interested in speaking on a topic or demonstrating a tool, a format, a technique, etc?
We welcome presentations about or demonstrations on:
  • TOOLS - Formats, Techniques, Human, Art, Technical or Technological
  • PROFESSIONS - HR, Marketing, Theater, AV, Production, etc.
  • SCIENCES - Psychology, Sociology, Neuroscience, etc.
Our conference uses different presentation formats from short 6 minutes to long 90 minutes.
We also are interested in half or one day (post-conference) training sessions.
Fill out the form below so we can look at your idea or proposal.
The FRESH Team
PS We don't do sessions on personal development, general business topics, career development ...
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