Chief Strategy Officer
In his role as Chief Strategy Officer at Fiksu, Craig is responsible for overseeing Marketing, Business Development, and Performance Operations – the team that manages media buying and optimization. According to Craig, a big part of his job is making sure his teams have clear goals and the resources they need to achieve those goals. In his day-to-day role, Craig works with business development to understand the deals they’re putting in place and makes sure the organization is prepared to implement and integrate those partnerships. He also oversees Fiksu’s marketing objectives, including corporate communications, sales enablement, and retention marketing, and ensures the company is executing at a high level across those objectives. On any given day, Craig can also be found working with performance operations, which he calls the life blood of Fiksu, reviewing accounts and making sure that goals are aligned with performance and that the company’s infrastructure is executing as clients at Fiksu would expect. Previously, he served as founder and CEO of Torrent, Inc., a manufacturer of ecologically friendly consumer electronics products, and also helped grow Be Free Inc. from a start-up with six customers to a $3 billion market cap. Through it all, he’s found that the combination of great people and great communication leads to success. His 20 years of digital marketing experience have made him a trusted go-to source for the trade and business press. His commentary has been featured in news outlets including TechCrunch, VentureBeat, GigaOM, Forbes, MobileMarketer, Reuters and more.