Chief Marketing Officer
As Chief Marketing Officer, Allie Kline leads global marketing and communications for the AOL Platforms family of brands including Advertising.com, AdLearn Open Platform, Adap.tv, AOL On Network, Be On, ADTECH, MARKETPLACE and Pictela. She is an industry veteran who has led brand management and marketing strategy for technology-focused organizations for over 15 years. Prior to joining AOL Platforms, Allie served as CMO of 33Across, a big data and social graph company, where she worked with Fortune 1000 advertisers and a global publisher network. Before 33Across, Allie was the vice president of Marketing for Brand Affinity Technologies, where she oversaw the endorsement platform’s marketing and over 6500 athlete and celebrity relationships. Earlier in her career, Allie was responsible for global marketing for rich media leader Unicast, and also led marketing at InterVU through its IPO and subsequent $2.8 billion sale to Akamai.