Salesforce.com Foundation
Suzanne DiBianca, President, Salesforce.com Foundation Suzanne is president and co-founder of the Salesforce.com Foundation, whose innovative programmes leverage the resources of salesforce.com to improve communities around the world. The foundation’s 1/1/1 model of integrated corporate philanthropy has delivered valuable resources to the non-profit community for fifteen years. Suzanne currently serves as a member on several boards and advisory councils, including: World Affairs Council's Global Philanthropy Forum, Zynga.org, Business Advisory Council to SFUSD and Goodwill Industries. She was a former member of the Board for San Francisco School Volunteers and Entrepreneurs Foundation. Prior to joining salesforce.com, Suzanne was a principal at CSC Consulting Group in the Strategic Services Division. She completed a her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Economics at the University of Colorado, Boulder.