CEO & Chief Old Person
Since August 2003, CEO and Chief Old Person Nancy Lublin has overseen Do Something's growth and led the effort to begin awarding more grant money to young people who want to make a difference. She turned the organization from a debt-ridden, "old school" not-for-profit with offices in multiple cities nationwide, to a fast-moving internet-y company capturing the attention of a generation of doers. Nancy is deeply passionate about Do Something and the activist mission behind the organization. She says her first activist campaign was liberating the purple crayons in pre-school after one loud boy had declared them "not allowed for girls." Armed with a $5,000 inheritance from her immigrant great grandfather at the age of 23, Nancy founded the organization Dress for Success, which to this day provides women with interview suits, career development training, and boosts in their self-confidence in than 120 cities in 13 countries. Nancy graduated from Brown University, Oxford University (where she was a Marshall Scholar), and New York University School of Law. She is married to entrepreneur Jason Diaz and they have two children, Sydney (named after the city) and Houston (not named after the city—or the street).