Lead Operator
Greyston Bakery
“All my teen years and 20s, I was doing wrong….but once I joined Greyston Bakery as an apprentice, all the good stuff happened! At Greyston, I have learned patience, self-discipline and a new attitude.” When Dion Drew left jail in 2008 he had a plan. Get a job. Open a bank account. Start a family. He also wanted to finally make his mother proud of him. “All my teen years and 20s, I was doing wrong so my Mom never saw me doing good as an adult. I wanted to show her that I could do good.” Dion got a job as soon as he got home but couldn’t survive on the salary that was offered to someone in his position. For nine months, he filled out applications and went on interviews but didn’t get any calls back. A friend suggested that he put his name on the list at Greyston Bakery and in February 2009, Dion joined the team as an apprentice. As Dion says, “Once that happened, all the good stuff happened!” He successfully completed his yearlong apprenticeship in early 2010 and later that year was promoted to the position of Lead Operator in the Research & Development department. Also in late 2010, Dion’s first child was born—a daughter. Looking to the future, Dion is exploring the idea of opening his own small business to supplement his family’s income. He’s working hard as Lead Operator and preparing himself to continue to build his career at the Bakery—next step, Assistant Supervisor in Training. “This is not the end of my career or my growth as a person.” And as far as his Mom is concerned, “Now she knows I’m doing my best.”