Corporate Responsibility Leader
Shannon Schuyler, Principal, has been with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for sixteen years and is currently the Corporate Responsibility (CR) Leader and an Officer of the Board for the PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc. She oversees the actions and programs that unite the firm’s internal strategy around social and environmental responsibility, aligning each initiative to PwC’s overall business strategy in order to increase employee engagement, differentiate the brand in the marketplace and drive operational efficiencies.  
In this role, Shannon has ownership of PwC’s US Corporate Responsibility goals, including a $160 million commitment to youth education with a focus on financial literacy called PwC’s Earn Your Future; a $10 million annual commitment to probono services; a 30% firmwide carbon reduction goal by FY’16; and 100% staff and partner engagement in the firm’s culture of giving. She also interacts with suppliers and vendors to understand and assess their sustainability impact and oversees national and global non-profit partnerships, including UNGC and CGI.
Additionally, Shannon spends a percentage of time dedicated to PwC’s external client facing practice, Sustainability Business Solutions, facilitating discussions with clients on their approach to CR and offering guidance on establishing a CR framework, employee engagement strategies and communications.
Shannon is a sought after expert on CR in the areas of social innovation, youth education and financial literacy, probono and implications on the environmental impact of service organizations.