Fred Triponez

Geneva, Switzerland

Frédéric Triponez finished his medical school in Geneva in 1996. He completed his residency in general surgery in Geneva and then specialized in endocrine surgery, spending one year in Lille, France by prof C.A. Proye, and one year in San Francisco by prof O. Clark. When returning in Geneva in 2005, he developed the endocrine surgery unit, making it the biggest center for endocrine surgery in Switzerland. He also specialized in thoracic surgery and spent 2 years in Paris by prof J.F. Regnard. He was appointed head of the department of Thoracic and Endocrine Surgery at the University Hospitals of Geneva in December 2013 and full professor of surgery at the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva. Since 2018, he is also chairman of the department os surgery. His current areas of research relate to the development of innovative techniques to preserve the parathyroid function during thyroid and parathyroid surgery, aiming at decreasing the rate of post-thyroidectomy hypoparathyroidism.