Daniƫl DuSeuil

Convenor European Self Sovereign Identity Framework (EBSI) at European Blockchain Partnership

The potential transparancy, decentralization, immutable audit trails, trust, smart contracts and management of value-assets in blockchain have also drawn the attention of the Flemish government. As a blockchain program manager at the Agency Information Flanders the task and ambition of Daniel Du Seuil is to introduce the blockchain concepts in the different departments and agencies of the Flemish government. There are several proof of concepts running at this moment at the regional government level but the Flemish government is also activily seeking partners in other government and non-government organizations as members of an decentralized blockchain network. In collaboration with other government the Flemish government is setting up a technical blockchain framework to test and run the many different use case of blockchain in government. Blockchain will fundamentally change the way government work and interacts with citizens and commercial and non-commercial organizations and Flanders wants to take an active part in this disruptive change. An important topic is digital identity related to blockchain and had led to the project Blockchain on the Move to explore the possibilities of self sovereignidentity in a local and regional setting. Daniel Du Seuil is also an active member of the EU blockchain observatory and EU Blockchain Partnership where he is a member of the working group on the emerging European Self Sovereign Identity Framework.