Stephen Broderson, DDS



Steve Broderson has been in practice for 53 years, with primary emphasis on treatment for the pain dysfunction patient. He is an ongoing student of the relationship of cranial biomechanics with occlusion, gnathology, and neurophysiology. Steve utilizes applied kinesiology, a personally developed cranial release, the May pivot appliance, and removable soldered light wire appiances. These include the ALF, his modified Crozat, and Kernott appliances . Goals of the presentation: To understand the relationship of cranial motion with dental treatment, to promote optimum health for the patient. Sequencing treatment with the understanding that the system is dynamic. It takes time for a chronic pain patient to get well, to “unwind”. It is important to reprogram the system by moving the teeth, bones of the face and vault to a more physiologic state.


Dental Cranial Osteopathy - Appliances and Techniques

We as clinicians need to look at “Nature’s Model” and copy Her in our treatment. Dental cranial osteopathy is a treatment regimen that has a primary goal of creating and maintaining motion/health of the cranial/sacral system. Using a combination therapy including regular cranial releases, the May Pivot appliance and maxillary arch development is the most efficient way to get the patient free of pain, and establish a physiologic occlusion. The mandibular 3D position with its associated occlusion has significant control over the cranial/sacral system.

Saturday, November 14, 2020