Amber Wasserburger, LE, CNC, FMCHC


Amber started her journey into health and wellness while working as an administrator at an office specializing in Integrative Medicine. Under the encouragement and influence of her peers, Amber began her own personal journey into uncovering the root problems of her long standing medical problems and improving her quality of life. Along this path she found inspiration in therapeutic lifestyle changes and decided to pursue a career in something she felt was her true passion; educating others to improve their health, just as she had.

Amber completed her first certification from a Nutraceutical Company’s training program while working under a colleague at the office she was employed, and soon began putting her knowledge to work in her personal life as well as in the field. Amber began pursuing a Bachelors degree in Health and Nutrition, specifically Healthy Lifestyle Coaching. She obtained her Associate’s Degree in Health and Fitness from Palomar College in San Marcos and her Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC) certification from Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy in Encinitas. More recently, Amber has earned certification as a Health Coach from the Academic Council on Exercise and is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, obtaining certification from Funtional Medicine Coaching Academy. Amber prides herself in her knowledge of Nutritional Biochemistry and Physiology, believing it is a cornerstone for helping to educate patients along their personal health journey.

Amber has been providing nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement education to clients and patients for 8 years. With her own personal journey full of successes and struggles, Amber provides real world solutions for manageable nutrition and lifestyle changes. Because she “walks the walk” herself, Amber’s niche strengths are in GI health and metabolic detoxification. She encourages everyone, sick and well, to take an interest in their health and come see what a consultation in Functional Nutrition can mean for their quality of life.


Fundamentals of Food and Diet in Disease Management

Focused diet and nutrition as it pertains to common disease and illness states seen in practice.

Targeting goals by co-creating a personalized plan

Nutrition Fundamentals

Coaching Positivity

Meeting the patient where they are

How to navigate and implement common diet types

Purpose of common diet types

Including but not limited to:

Paleo/Pegan, Keto, Gluten/Dairy-Free, Food Elimination/FODMAP, Cardiometabolic

Sample Menus

Take the fuss out of food

Macros/Micros made easy

Prioritize your Plate

Whole Foods Focus

Organic- Fresh vs Frozen

Eat the Rainbow

Take them shoppin

Friday, November 13, 2020