IPA Manhattan Physical Therapy
Dr. Brad Gilden graduated from New York Medical College in 2000 with a master’s in physical therapy. In 2004, he completed a clinical doctorate in upper quarter & hand therapy from Drexel University. In 2010, he completed an intensive certification in functional manual therapy through the Institute of Physical Art. In 2014 he completed a three-year long fellowship in Functional Manual Therapy through the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy. Early in his career he understood the importance of interdisciplinary work and began collaborations into the relationship that posture has on airway, sleep and recovery as it relates to overall health and well-being. He continues clinical practice treating patients with various neurological, orthopedic, airway, TMJD and sports injuries. He joined Elite Health Services as a managing partner and rehabilitation coordinator in 2005 and co-founded IPA MANHATTAN Physical Therapy in 2011. In 2019 he co-founded Kinetichain Integrated Manual Physical Therapy in Aspen, CO. Dr. Gilden follows the combined approach of a Functional Manual Physical Therapist (FMT) and Postural Restoration Therapist (PRI) treating movement dysfunction and postural awareness. His focus is on maximizing each patient’s full healing potential through manual therapy and specific exercise programming while integrating patients back to their highest level of function.


Demonstration of the Functional Airway Evaluation Screening Tool: F-Air-EST21

This presentation will discuss the need for a multi-disciplinary tool that helps clinicians evaluate patients for airway problems to help guide an integrative treatment approach. In addition, a demonstration of each component of the FAIREST (Functional Airway Evaluation Screening Tool will be provided. Participant should gain a working knowledge of how to immediately apply this screening tool to their daily practice.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Panel Discussion: Dental and physical therapy collaborative management for patients going through airway orthodonic treatment

Orthodontic treatment of the airway often includes repositioning and/or guided growth of the maxilla, mandible and soft tissue structures. It has been found that patients tolerance and outcomes are much improved when working collaboratively with physical and myofunctional therapy. This panel discussion will focus on evaluation and intervention strategies related to treatment of this population.
Participants will have a better understanding of how physical therapists and dentists are problem solving and working together to help improve patient outcomes for this patient population.

Saturday, November 14, 2020