Rebecca Bockow, DDS, MS

Orthodontist, Periodontist
Seattle Smile Designs
Dr. Rebecca Bockow received her dental degree from the U of WA School of Dentistry. Upon graduation, Dr. Bockow practiced general dentistry in Seattle for two years. In 2013, she completed her dual training in both Orthodontics and Periodontics from the U Penn School of Dental Medicine, and also earned a Masters in Oral Biology.

Dr. Bockow is a board-certified orthodontist and periodontist. She is a resident faculty at Spear Education, and lectures to audiences internationally on topics including interdisciplinary treatment planning, airway and sleep disorders, skeletal growth and development, TAD expansion, and corticotomy-facilitated orthodontic therapy.

Dr. Bockow maintains a private practice in Seattle and Bellevue, limited to orthodontics and periodontics.


How Airway Influences Facial Growth and Development

How we breathe affects facial growth and development. Soft tissue such as the tongue, lips, cheeks, tonsils and adenoids influences growth. Certain habits and airway-related issues can contribute to adverse skeletal changes.

In this lecture, we will discuss how soft tissue and breathing patterns influence skeletal growth. We will examine similar malocclusions in children and adults, and discuss how the treatment plans differ, depending on the age and skeletal maturation of the patient. For adolescents, our treatment plans will focus on growth modification. For adults, we will explore both surgical and non-surgical options, including adult TAD expansion, as we derive the ideal comprehensive treatment plan.

Learning objectives:

- Recognize how breathing dysfunctions lead to common malocclusions

- Understand interdisciplinary treatment strategies for early intervention

- Learn surgical and non-surgical treatment strategies for adult treatment

Friday, November 13, 2020