B.A. 1970, (Windsor); M.Ed. 1974 (U of T); LLB 1979, (Windsor).  Justice Beaudoin was called to the Bar (Ontario) in 1981.  He initially practiced Family Law in Windsor where he was also a part-time assistant Crown Attorney.  In 1989 he was appointed the Regional Director of Courts Administration for East Region in Ottawa. He joined the Civil Justice Review in 1994 and later became the Project Director.  He participated in the productions of the Review’s two reports aimed at reforming Ontario’s civil justice system. He has extensive experience in civil case management and court-annexed mediation.  In January of 1997, he was appointed the Case Management Master for the Superior Court of Justice in Ottawa.  After his appointment, he was involved in lecturing and providing advice on the topics of case management and mediation to interested groups in Canada and abroad.  He has participated in a number of international justice projects in the Caribbean, Asia and Africa.  In 2007, he was named one of two Family Case Managers involved in a Pilot Project in the Family Branch of the Superior Court in Ottawa.  He was appointed a judge of the Superior Court of Justice in September, 2009.