Sales Manager
Brian O’Loughlin is a graduate of the University of South Australia with a bachelors in science majoring in electrical engineering. Brian worked for well over a decade for Texas Instruments in both Australia and the USA, occupying roles including: lead electrical switching design engineer, automotive sensor design & integration engineer, program manager for automotive new product development group, as well as sales and marketing roles.
Since 2006 Brian has been involved in direct MEMS foundry fabrication and development services. Since 2009 Brian has been the foundry sales manager for Santa Barbara based IMT MEMS (www.imtmems.com), serving their eastern US and international based customers. Brian has been involved with customers throughout development and production implementations in multiple fields; including medical and biomedical, precision & infrared (IR) optics, automotive, industrial and high volume consumer based MEMS. IMT is proud to have developed a disposable fluidic MEMS cell sorting device that has since been licensed and productised.