Senior Field Applications Engineer
Freescale Semiconductor
Mark earned a BSEE from Northeastern University and has over 30 years experience encompassing product conception, design, and Marketing and Business development. He began his career at Draper Labs working on navigation systems, early robotics and other forward looking bio-medical projects. This experience is the source for his passion for medical product solutions. He later worked at Analogic where we worked on products such as CAT-scanners, MRI, wireless heart monitors, in-hospital patient monitoring systems and ultra sound equipment.
In 1990 Mark joined Motorola expanding his experience in applications engineering, program management, strategic marketing and business development. He was involved in the ground breaking “Interactive Media Festival” where the artist used technology to create immersive interactive virtual environments. This experience lead to his study of intelligent or learning interfaces that provide more intuitive human-machine interfaces that create more “human like” or natural interactivity between people and the machines they use.
Currently employed by Freescale, Mark specializes in medical device solutions. He is focused on intelligent health and wellness monitoring systems that are easy to use and help one to maintain a person’s Quality of Life.