Human Factors Engineer, Consultant
ISMP Canada
Andrea Cassano-Piché is a Human Factors Engineer. She has over 15 years of experience applying human factors science to healthcare safety issues in operational, research, and private sector contexts.

Andrea's work has focused on procurement and implementation of health technology, evaluation of new technology during device design, proactive risk management (e.g., failure mode and effects analysis), incident investigation (e.g., root cause analysis), and education of human factors methods and safety culture. Andrea has led national projects on complex topics such as ambulatory intravenous chemotherapy safety and multiple intravenous infusion safety, which culminated in nationally and internationally recognized recommendations on clinical practice, technology design and education. Andrea is the lead author of the book Human Factors for Health Technology Safety (2015) available at www.ifmbe.org.

Andrea joined ISMP Canada’s consultant team in 2016. She teaches incident analysis and proactive risk assessment workshops, and assists with consultation projects. She is also a consultant with Human Factors North.