Executive Director
Since coming on board as our inaugural Program Director in 2013, Amanda has doubled the size of our network, worked with our global grantees to improve the lives of over 30,000 women and girls, and executed over 60 programs per year to educate our Spark community. Prior to Spark, Amanda worked in the advertising industry, bringing years of strategic communication, marketing expertise and client management to her role at Spark. Amanda has worked on the ground with FairServices Peru in Cuzco, Peru and has led a Spark Delegation to visit women-led grassroots organizations in Lima, Peru. Amanda has honed her entrepreneurial and social impact acumen by actively participating in exclusive leadership programs including: The Coaching Fellowship, WOMEN Unlimited, Inc., Hive Global Leaders Summit, Nexus Youth Summit, and Reboot. Amanda has a B.A. in Communication with Honors from University of California, Santa Barbara.