Founder & Chairman
Praekelt Group
Gustav Praekelt is the founder and chairman of the Africa-based Praekelt Group - a leader in the use of open source mobile technologies to deliver essential information and inclusive services to millions of people around the world, especially in Africa. His belief in the power of mobile phones to transform lives inspired him to establish the Praekelt.org in 2006 - A social enterprise that develops scalable mobile solutions for social good, whose programmes have reached over 100 million people across 65 countries around the world. A key part of Praekelt.org's work is the development of mobile technology solutions that are robust enough to meet the challenges of emerging markets; are open source and continually under development; are scalable, flexible and cost-effective and are designed to allow for communication between NGOs or Governments, and those they work with or serve. A big milestone for Praekelt.org has been the development and launch of MomConnect, Africa's first universal pregnancy registry and stage-based mobile maternal health information system, which launched in 2014 in collaboration with the South African National department of health and supported by USAID, Johnson & Johnson and Elma Philanthropies.