Team Leader, Stop TB Partnership
UN Office for Project Services
Ms. Jacqueline Huh is the Team Leader, Strategic Initiatives & Innovative Financing, at the Stop TB Partnership, which is hosted by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS). After working in the private sector for over 10 years, and fast approaching a mid-life crisis in her early 30s, Jackie decided to change everything in her life except for her parents, sister and brother, and friends, and dedicate herself to something more challenging and meaningful. And, due to a chronic health condition she is affected by, she has been and will be on medication throughout her lifetime. “I recognized at some point in my life that I had access to proper healthcare and medicines due to circumstances that were based on pure luck and not on merit. I was born into a family that could immigrate to a country where such access was attainable and affordable. When you visit some of the developing and low-income countries and visit the local clinics, the sheer lack of equity that exists in the world takes your breath away,” she reflected. Jackie is committed to leveraging her private sector work experience and business school degree to bring a different kind of mindset to the tuberculosis (which is now the leading infectious disease killer, surpassing both HIV and malaria) and global health space and cutting-edge innovations to all people who need them.