Teenage Inventor, Problem-Solver & Advocate
Lewis Inventions
Alexis Lewis is an award-winning teen inventor of two life-saving devices, the Rescue Travois and the Emergency Mask Pod. She is also a nationally-recognized advocate for K-12 invention education. Alexis, her message, and her inventions, have been featured in a mini-documentary in Smithsonian Magazine and in The STEM10 mini-docuseries. Her first invention, the Rescue Travois, has been displayed at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Alexis has spoken at The White House, SXSW EDU, National Maker Faire, the Smithsonian Museum, TEDxUNC, as well as at local schools, science fairs, and summer camps. Her message: Inventing is not reserved for geniuses like Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. Inventing is just a form of problem-solving that results in a physical solution. We need to teach children that inventing is only human and that they have what it takes now, while they are young, and throughout the rest of their lives, to solve real-world problems.