Science Journalist and Recreational Aircraft Enthusiast

Mark Miller's award winning work for networks such as CBC, Animal Planet and Discovery
Channel has taken him to every corner of the world for adventures that inspire, educate and
occasionally terrify. As one of North America’s most prolific content producers, Mark has
established himself as an engaging and accessible storyteller.

Since 1998, Mark has been a regular presenter on Discovery Channel flagship program Daily
Planet producing programs on engineering and science subjects ranging from monster quakes
here on Earth to volcanoes on Mars. Mark is also an accomplished aviator. His Discovery HD
series Air Dogs, places him at the controls of some of the most historic and advanced aircraft
anywhere. Ultimately, living life to the fullest, asking questions, and taking risks, is what drives

“Highway Thru Hell is the most challenging show I have ever taken on. Conditions in the high
mountains were difficult. Working the highways presented unique challenges. Weather,
avalanches, and rockslides were a constant threat. The very things that trigger big wrecks on
road were a constant threat for our crews.

The production has been the works for two years. We shot thousands of hours of media, and
lived fulltime on the mountain for four months. The result is a powerful series that highlights the
efforts and the engineer of a team of men and women who have promised their province
themselves to keep the highways open. Highway Thru Hell is about man’s ability to overcome
one of mother natures most inhospitable places.”