Software Engineer
Yelp Inc.

Sharvari Marathe is a Software Engineer at Yelp. After finishing her undergraduate studies in Computer Science, she worked at TIBCO, Pune, India for 2 years. She then moved to the US to pursue graduate studies at Cornell University during the course of which she interned at Arista Networks Inc. in Santa Clara, California. Post-completion of her Masters, she joined Oracle in Redwood Shores where she spent more than 3 years before moving on to Yelp. At Oracle, Sharvari worked as a Senior Member of Technical Staff in the Multi-instance Database team. Her primary strengths include databases, computer networking, and distributed computing. Sharvari has interviewed extensively, both successfully and unsuccessfully, and has learnt aspects of interviewing not taught in books. She has co-led a well-received Student Opportunity Lab session on school-to-career transitioning at GHC 2014.