Senior Developer
Athena Health Inc

Dina Shapiro is a Senior Member of Technical Staff at athenahealth, Inc. She started her journey in unbreaking healthcare with a B.S. in Mathematics from Brandeis University. Transform Pharmaceuticals was her first stop on the way, where she worked on high-throughput experimentation analysis software for drug formulations and implemented several new algorithms for spectral analysis, including noise filtering and spectral clustering. She then moved to athenahealth, Inc. to work on an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) redesign. Lately, still at athenahealth, Inc she’s focused on building a system for hospital-based care. While annoyed that she cannot see her own, complete patient record, she firmly believes the day will come when anyone can access their own medical record with just a few clicks. Soon, too, she wants preventable medical errors to be a relic of the past, and relishes working on projects that improve healthcare for all.