Software Engineer
Amazon Alexa Champion

Mandy Chan is a passionate self-taught programmer who absolutely loves learning. She is one of the few women Alexa Champions because of her contributions in the Alexa open source community. One of her most frequently downloaded open source projects is called the SSML-Builder which creates well-formed Speech Synthesis Markup Language without worrying about string concatenations. Mandy first got started with voice interface development using Alexa, since then she won the best use of Alexa at TechCrunch New York 2016. She then continued on winning three more Hackathons that are all themed in voice interface design particularly for Alexa including the Grand Prize Winner at Manhattan Angel Hack. Mandy has developed more than a dozen Alexa skills now and she continues to share her passion for Alexa and voice design by updating her open source project SSML-Builder on She is also a co-organizer of the NYC Amazon Alexa Meetup and a tech blogger. Follow her @MandyChanNYC on Twitter