Product Portfolio Manager

Neetu Jain is a Offering Manager at IBM, specializing in new product development. At IBM Cloud she is responsible for the network security portfolio's roadmap and strategy to help making cloud a more secure place. Neetu has around 15 years of experience in the tech industry in various domains ( Cloud, Network Security, EDA, Telecommunications). Prior to joining IBM, She worked as a Software Engineer at companies like HP, ST Microelectonics and Interra Systems. She has a Masters in computers and Bachelors on Electronics. Neetu is passionate about empowering the minority through technology , which has lead to her engagement with various Non Profit Organizations like Systers, Vibha, AID. She has had the opportunity to serve as the Co-Chair for Systers Advisory Council, GHC Open Source day and she also leads the Indian Women in Computing sub group at Systers. Neetu has also served on CISD coding advisory boards and other mentoring organizations like getMagic to foster children's interest in STEM.