Karen was working as an actress, director, writer and instructor of theatre when her Dad, Manfred was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Her life has taken on a new focus and new meaning in combining the knowledge of her two worlds into one life work. Karen’s Dad passed away in October of 2000 and her Mom, Virginia was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a year and a half later. Karen has presented over 700 workshops, keynotes and performances. She has written a book, has a training DVD and she was the co-writer of all the scripts and content for the Hand in Hand Training Toolkit produced by CMS and distributed to every nursing home on the US. Karen and Mondy were featured on NPR’s This American Life and recently presented at the International TED MED Conference. www.in-themoment.net This website has links to both. They are currently working on a website to distribute real life tools, tips and information to family caregivers. www.beinginthemoment.org They live in in Black Mountain, NC with their daughter Grace and 4 furry creatures.