SW Engineer (FIrmware)
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Ana B. Rios-Rodriguez is a Firmware Developer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise working on new products for Composable Infrastructure. During the past eight years she has worked on R&D for blade/enclosure infrastructure. She has developed firmware for various platforms, including the Onboard Administrator. Ana started at Hewlett Packard leading a test effort to automate software deployment to blades. Since then, she has changed roles to develop firmware for HP Converged Systems’ management software. Ana received her BS and MS degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Her first role included investigating new trends for media in the music industry and worked on the customer experience for the initial screens on Dell personal computer where she learned the importance of providing good customer experience. Ana has also been part of the Austin start-up scene in the early 2000 when she worked for five years at a start-up called VIEO, Inc.