Fellow, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Presidental Innovation Fellow

Dr. Lea Shanley is a geospatial data scientist and policy expert, focusing on improving government services and empowering the American public through participatory innovation. Shanley founded and directed the Commons Lab of the The Wilson Center in Washington, DC. In this capacity, she directed 19 studies and led 24 roundtables and workshops on priority legal, policy, and research challenges of crowdsourcing and citizen science at the interface between government and distributed networks, including studies on intellectual property, privacy, and governance. In September 2014, Dr. Shanley was selected as a Presidential Innovation Fellow to work on citizen science and crowdsourcing initiatives at NASA and GSA 18F. She also served as the chief organizer and co-founder of the Federal Community of Practice on Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science, a groundbreaking effort to enable federal agencies to better engage the public in collective problem solving. This group has grown to nearly 200 members from more than 35 agencies. Dr. Shanley serves a technical adviser to the Adler Plantarium's Zooniverse initiative and the Crowd & the Cloud, a 4-hour series for US public television focusing on citizen science and the environment. She also helped to launch the new Citizen Science Association.