Unclassified GEOINT Pathfinder Program Manager and Public Open Source Software Development Lead, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

Chris Rasmussen is one of the primary architects behind the Unclassified GEOINT Pathfinder initiative. Mr. Rasmussen's current role with public-facing collaborative efforts grew from the campaign to maximize internal information sharing within the United States Intelligence Community (IC). The IC has introduced of a wide range of social tools such as wikis, blogs, user tagging services, and social networking services for knowledge management and information sharing. Mr. Rasmussen was instrumental in pioneering this initial push. Mr. Rasmussen evangelizes for a move toward a “living intelligence” model. Mr. Rasmussen has received several prestigious awards for innovation and leadership such as the NGA Challenger Award in 2014 and the Director of National Intelligence “Exceptional Pioneer Award” in 2007. He was selected as one of the “Federal 100” by Federal Computer Week in 2008. Mr. Rasmussen holds a BA in History and Masters in National Security Studies.